Winter 22 Design Submission - Supporting Creators

Aug, 31 ,2022

We always maintain a respectful attitude towards creators. From inspiration to execution, adjustment to finished product, we know how much focus and dedication is required to achieve a piece of work that satisfies us. 

Just like our partners Zhengwei "alex" Bian and Junya "noppo" Taniguchi in their esports journey, their persistence and hard work is the reason we are willing to help establish their professional esports brands. Recently, we have also been thinking about how we can best support friends who are passionate about design and creation.

Since we launched the seasonal Winter21 and Summer22 styles, we've had a very positive response. Therefore, we have decided to try to fulfill two purposes at the same time and invite all friends who are passionate about design to submit their take on the upcoming Winter22 design. 

This is the first time we have held an online submission and in order to reduce the number of uncontrollable factors and to maintain quality, the VAXEE team will be the ones to select 6 submissions in the first stage. In the second stage we will welcome everyone to vote online. The submission with the highest number of votes will be chosen as the design for all Winter22 items. We will also provide a $1 commission to the creator for every piece of Winter22 sold (After a 20% deduction for income tax, US$0.8 will be the actual amount received per piece.) 

We hope to inspire more friends with creative ideas through this call for Winter22 designs. They can focus more on their favorite creations and allow more people to get to know them and their work. This way we can all bring more beautiful things to the world. 

Below, we will explain the submission process in detail.

For those who want to vote, we will provide a voting link and publish it within the VAXEE community on September 16, 2022. Please continue to follow us and participate in this voting and help us support and encourage creators.

First Stage:
We understand the effort put into each creation. Due to actual production considerations, we hope that creators will read the requirements [Design Draft Specifications] in detail, so as to avoid submitted works not being chosen because they cannot be mass-produced.
Submission: September 1 to September 14, 3:00 (UTC+1)

Design Draft Specifications and Submission Upload Link:

Note: We will selects 6 submission based purely on the quality of work

Second Stage:
Online Voting: September 16, 3:00 to September 22, 3:00
Results: September 23, 2022 (Submission with Highest Votes Only)
Winter22 is expected to be available in mid-October

Winter22 Winning Submission Reward

For each piece of Winter22 sold, a commission of $1 is provided to the creator (after 20% income tax, each piece sold is US$0.8).  After the two parties sign the contract, the sales figures from the previous month will be sent at the start of each new month. After confirmation by the creator, remittance will be made in US dollars to the account designated in the contract with the proof of deduction sent via email.

Note: This is our first attempt to encourage online submissions. If there are too many disputes and it goes against our idea of ​​encouraging creators, we reserve the right to cancel this event.

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