PA Winter21 and Summer22 - Customized ID version to be available regularly

Sep, 06 ,2022

Since the launch of our seasonal PA products, we have received a warm showing of support from our friends around the world. We found that some were willing to pay prices several times above norm to buy the discontinued Winter21, which is not something we are happy to see. However because of the scale of our production capacity, we are not able to provide that many items at the same time. 

An e-commerce platform should try, as much as possible, to meet the needs of its customers. After deeper consideration and discussion, we have decided to temporarily provide customized ID versions as a regularly available item. The standard Summer22 will no longer be available after they are sold out, but the customized ID version can still be ordered. At the same time, the customized ID version of Winter21 will also be re-launched. We hope that friends who want these two products can get them at a regular price, while allowing us to maintain a smooth production process here at VAXEE.

We understand that this method is not perfect, but this is what we can do at present. We will continue to improve in all aspects so that friends who support VAXEE can obtain their desired products with less effort.
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