VAXEE PA "Winter22" Online Voting Is Open

Sep, 15 ,2022
The call for design submission for the VAXEE PA "Winter22" ended a few days ago. We have received many creative and high-quality works from creators all over the world. After reviewing all the works, we have decided that the original number of 6 works is not enough. We want the works of these dedicated creators to be seen by more people and with that in mind we are increasing the total number of works in the online voting phase to 11.

Below we will introduce the design styles and design concepts of the works selected for the second phase. We will also provide the link to vote. Due to the larger number of works that have made it to the voting phase, we will allow each voter to cast 2 votes. (You cannot place 2 votes for the same piece of work).

The final result will be announced on the VAXEE platform and social channels on September 23. We would like to sincerely thank all the creators who submitted designs. Even if your design was not chosen, you have inspired us with your contributions. We hope to continue to provide a stage where more creators will be encouraged to contribute.

It is recommended that you take a look at the creators design concept before voting.

Voting Period: September 16, 3:00 to September 22, 3:00 (voting link below)

Work #1
Design Concept:
I imagined a sky of water

Work #2
Design Concept:
I started with a Winter22 theme and chose cool colors.  On winter nights, look up to the sky to see the aurora.

Work #3
Design Concept:
Winter for water
In order to show the unfrozen river in the mountains in winter, I personally think that the colors of winter should be blue and white. That’s why I used a blue and white color matching with a split composition. The main pattern is to imitate the sparkling water surface and some ice. 

Work #4
Design Concept:
When I thought of winter, the first thing that came to mind was the Northern Lights.
I wanted to see it at least once no matter how many years have passed. Just as you can't see the Northern Lights exactly the same each time, I felt it was a similar situation with the Winter22 mouse pad, as it seems to have a specific sales period during which it can be purchased. That’s why I used it as a motif for this design.

Work #5
Design Concept:
In designing the mousepad for Winter22. I tried to create a design that would evoke the feeling of winter. I used cold colors to create a sense of coldness, while at the same time the design was also meant to be cute. I also used light particles to represent snow.

Work #6

Design Concept:
I created this work based on my own image of a clear, bright sky with snow beginning to fall.

Work #7
Design Concept:
Snowfall on Fir tree - depicting snow falling on a fir tree. The trees that come into view when walking through the forest in winter are cut out on the art board.

Work #8

Design Concept:
Based on the theme of a fantastic winter night, the upper part of the mouse pad represents the night sky, and the lower part represents snow lit by lights. The polygon pattern is based on the image of ice, which evokes the coldness of winter. Snow crystals are scattered throughout, and a pattern that looks like stars in the upper part of the mouse pad and powdery snow in the lower part has been added.

Work #9
Design Concept:
The concept of the design came from the mountains in Switzerland. I was born in Thailand. We don't have snow here. So when it comes to winter I always wish I could travel to Switzerland at least once. I want to use this mountain as an awareness of how we should also be careful of the global warming situation so we can still keep this beauty with us for as long as we can.

Work #10
Design Concept:
Overlapping peaks and peaks covered by frost, fluttering snow and stars.  The dawn sky is like a deep universe, a hopeful birth in tranquility.

Work #11
Design Concept:
The idea was to express winter with clouds, auroras, and snow.
Now that I think of winter, I think of Northern Europe, and when I go to Iceland and Northern Europe, I can see the aurora. So I thought it'd be nice to have aurora, snow and clouds together.

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