VAXEE PA “Winter22” is about to be available

Oct, 07 ,2022

VAXEE PA "Winter22” is the third seasonal-limited product VAXEE platform launched, this time we adopted online submission and received much support and positive feedback. We also appreciate the creators who attended this event and provided beautiful designs. After one week of online voting, the design from the creator Kairo earned the most votes, with the design pattern being chosen as VAXEE PA “Winter22. We had also seen many friends are expecting this work as well, therefore, the first batch of “Winter22” has finished the production and quality check, and it was sent out from Taipei office today, it is estimated to open the sales on 18:00, October 11 in the different regions.

The VAXEE PA “Winter22” is also available for the custom ID version with the item being delivered to you 30-45 days after completing the purchase. Please consider this waiting period before making a purchase. Once again, we would like to remind everyone that the feel, size, and specifications of “Winter22” and other VAXEE PA series are the same, you can choose the style based on your preference.

VAXEE PA “Winter22” Order Information
Standard version: Open for sale on 18:00, October 11.
(If there are changes due to logistics, we will update everyone in real-time.)

ID Custom Version: Immediately.

VAXEE PA “Winter22” - Creator Interview

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