VAXEE XE Wireless Video Introducion

Jan, 09 ,2023
This is the first wireless product launch from VAXEE. Through this video, we hope to explain VAXEE's wireless architecture and the XE Wireless mouse in a more in-depth manner. We understand that it may be inconvenient for some friends to watch the video and therefore we have also provided the text-only version of the content from the video. We hope that through this video / text, we will be able to provide a complete introduction so as to help everyone understand the product before deciding where or not to buy it.

If after watching the video, there are still things which are unclear or if you simply have any further questions, we encourage you to contact our customer service team. We will provide one-on-one assistance for your varying needs.

The second full inspection is still on-going, and if the inspection goes well, we hope to begin sales in mid-January.

Since the launch of our first mouse on the VAXEE platform, many of you have asked about the progress of our wireless mouse. We want to thank you for your support and patience. In this video, we would like to introduce the VAXEE wireless architecture and the upcoming wireless mouse models.

There are many mature wireless mouse technologies already on the market. The biggest challenge, which we have set as a goal for ourselves, is to have VAXEE wireless technology reach the transmission reliability and performance of wired mice. At the same time, the wireless technology should also have excellent anti-interference abilities.

When it comes to wireless technology, our team is not as deeply knowledgeable and we are very grateful to the team at PixArt for their support. Using a special simulated interference environment, our teams worked together to test and make the adjustments required to meet the high standards of responsiveness and reliability required in professional gaming. This is one of the reasons why our wireless mouse is launching relatively late. The XE symmetrical shape will be the first VAXEE wireless mouse we launch. This will be followed by the successive launches of the ZYGEN NP-01S, OUTSET AX and ZYGEN NP-01 in the second quarter.

Although wireless technology is quite mature, current technical limitations mean that even with zero input lag that is seen with wireless technology, it is still not possible to achieve the same level of responsive tracking as wired mice. Currently, our wireless development work is able to provide a stable polling rate of 1000 data per second up to 1000Hz. The more advanced goal, through further testing and adjustments, is to have wireless technology match wired technology in terms of responsive tracking. Although the responsive tracking of the XE wireless is still not a 100% match with that of a wired mouse, in comparison tests using the 3389 and 3395 sensors, it is very close. In addition, there is no difference in the perceived responsiveness in FPS games.


In order to meet the needs of users who are extremely sensitive to responsive tracking, we offer a high-speed mode (High speed mode), which will increase the power supply for wireless transmission and sensor scanning. However in high-speed mode, it will consume more power. When in continuous use, the battery will last 45 hours with high-speed mode ON and 90 hours with it OFF. In real-time comparison tests, the high-speed mode performs better but there is only a very small difference. We feel that when High-Speed mode is switched off, it already comes very close to wired performance and it is able to meet the needs of most people. Keeping it switched off as a default can save power and prolong usage time. Something else to take note of is that the trajectory in high-speed mode is noticeably different. The trajectory feels smoother but this is subjective and we suggest that you experience it for yourself.

Stability is very important for professional esports. When wireless transmission encounters interference, the signal is prone to transmission failure, resulting in the inability to stabilize at a 1000Hz Report rate. In the event of interference, VAXEE wireless technology can retransmit up to 3 times in 1 millisecond after transmission failure. The signal is stable up to a 1000Hz, so as to improve the anti-interference ability to cope with a complex competition environment. In addition to stable transmission, a stable use process is equally important. The cursor should not jump or spin during the movement process and the sensor should not freeze if the mouse is stationary for a short period of time (such as marking an angle).

We mentioned earlier that when high-speed mode is turned on, the trajectory will be smoother. Motion Sync technology provided by the 3395 sensor has a similar effect, but the principles behind the two are different. Motion Sync technology averages the front and back data and then sends them out after calculation. This way, the sensor and computer signals can be synchronized as much as possible to achieve a smoother tracking effect. There will be extremely small delays but there is no difference in the game experience. After the in-game responsiveness test, we found that the trajectory when Motion Sync is turned on is smooth and dense. When it is turned off, the trajectory is stable and easy to control. Please note that after turning on high-speed mode, Motion Sync can also be turned on or off. Although we classify the trajectory experience in all three modes as Smooth, we recommend that users who are extremely sensitive to responsiveness and want to track smoothly, should turn on High-Speed Mode and turn off Motion Sync. Here are the differences between the different setting combinations. If you have further questions, please contact our customer service team and we will help provide setting combinations for different usage habits.

In order to provide instant and stable wireless transmission while also having sufficient power, the VAXEE wireless architecture uses a large 400mAh battery that has a heavy weight. With the stability of the mouse structure in mind, we did not reduce the weight of the mouse due to the battery. The weight of XE Wireless is 75g~76.5g. We would like to apologize to our friends who are used to lighter mice. This weight may not be suitable for everyone, but this is the lowest weight we can achieve at this stage in order to ensure stability.

​​After pressing the function key, you can check the battery level. At the same time, it activates the "Page down" command on the keyboard. The function key can be programmed to execute in-game commands or to browse web pages or files. 

We designed the XE series to serve more needs than just professional gaming. This is why the XE Wireless can be paired with an additional receiver so that users can switch between controlling two computers quickly and easily. From gaming to work or to a live broadcast, the two computers can be quickly switched using the buttons/switches on the mouse. The specifications of both receivers are exactly the same and provide instant and stable wireless transmission. This allows you to have the same performance regardless of where you use it. You would not have to plug and unplug the receiver multiple times and could use it on a desktop and laptop at the same time. However because not everyone has this need, XE Wireless comes with one receiver and an additional receiver can be purchased if necessary.

Since we do not provide drivers, the function switching, status checking, and connector pairing described above all need to be switched using the buttons and switches on the mouse. We are sorry for not being able to provide a more concise switching method. We will provide another video to better explain the switching methods. This next part introduces the shape, switches, mouse wheel, mouse feet, and setting buttons of the XE Wireless which are the same as the XE wired version. If you already know about the XE wired version and are interested in learning about purchasing details, we recommend that you skip to the Learn More section at the end of the video.

The appearance of the XE Wireless is consistent with the wired version. The highest point is designed to be at the very center. The back curve is soft and the height is matched with an appropriate width to achieve the best balance. From the highest point of the mouse to the widest point on the left and right sides, the palm forms a triangle which allows the muscles on both sides of the palm to hold on to the mouse and lift it more easily. The mouse is almost absorbed into the palm allowing for a more relaxed and comfortable state during mouse movement. There is a slight indentation on both sides which makes it more comfortable to rest the entire hand on the mouse, covering it. The fingers have obvious placement points, and the slight indentation allows for palm and fingertip grippers. In terms of length, the XE Wireless is slightly longer than the NP-01 and NP-01S. We mentioned earlier that the highest point is at the center of the mouse. If the length is too short, the fingers will exceed the buttons. Overall, the XE is a Medium size mouse.

Although optical encoders are more durable they are more power-hungry. The VAXEE wireless architecture uses smooth, graduated and reliable mechanical encoders. The mouse feet are large with curved edges that make it less prone to scratching the mousepad. Lastly, there are switches at the bottom of the mouse to adjust DPI, Report Rate, and button response speed.

In order to meet the needs of the overall desktop matching, XE Wireless will still be launched in 6 colors. However due to the limitations of our production capacity, we cannot provide all colors at the same time. We will provide black and white colors first, and the availability of the other colours will be announced at a separate time. VAXEE still insists on full product inspection after receiving it from the factory and because the wireless mouse inspection has more processes, stock in each region will not be very high in the early stages. Please rest assured we will continue to replenish stock while ensuring the same quality. We have come to the end of our video. Thank you all for watching and thank you again for your patience.


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2023-01-16 05:02
Are you guys planning to develop software for the mice to allow further customization to DPI, button macros, etc.?
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