VAXEE XE Competitive Version Firmware

Feb, 03 ,2023

While working towards out goal of having wireless mice reach the same level of performance and responsiveness as wired mice, we tested many firmware versions. One of these firmware versions provided even better responsiveness than the High- Speed Mode we currently have. With this new firmware version, there were no differences felt in a comparison test against wired mice using the 3389 and 3395 sensors.

We named this firmware version, Competitive Version. The power consumption in Competitive Version is the same as in High-Speed Mode which is 45 hours if in constant movement. Once you switch to Competitive Version you cannot switch back to Standard Mode which allows for 90 hours of usage in constant movement. On top of a shorter battery life, both Motion Sync and Lift-Off Distance adjustments are no longer available. DPI, polling rate, and click debounce settings are still adjustable using the buttons on the bottom of the mouse. You can also still switch between A/B dongles.  We believe this may cause a certain level of inconvenience for some. However we wanted to know -“Could professional players tell the performance difference between the original firmware and the Competitive Version when playing competitive games

In order to see if the Competitive Version would fit the level of responsiveness needed in the professional esports scene, both High-Speed Mode and Competitive Verison were provided to pro-players to test. Most players chose the Competitive Version as they found it to be a better fit. Although the Competitive Version has its inconveniences, we find it necessary to allow players who are using the XE Wireless to try this Competitive Version. After further adjustment, battery life on Competitive Version has been extended from 45 to 50 hours.(35s)

Lastly, we would like to assure our friends that we are not going to stop here but continue to explore new and innovative ways to keep improving. When we are able to provide an even better user experience, we will provide you with firmware updates to share this experience with you. (32s)



Original Version

Competitive Version

Mode Switch

3 Mode Choices

(Standard, Motion Sync, High Speed)

Not Available

LOD Switch




Battery Life

90 hours in Standard Mode

45 hours in High-Speed Mode

(1000hz /  Constant Movement)

50 hours

(1000hz / Constant Movement)

Battery Display

4 Stages

Upper Light On  (> 10%)
Upper Light Blink (< 10%)

Charging Display

Alternating Light Blink

Lights Stay On

Fully Charged Display

Lights Stay On

No Lights

Function Key

Battery Display / PageDown

Battery Display

Displaying Mouse Status

Forward button + Back button + Middle button


A/B Dongle Switch



4 Step DPI Switch



4 Step Debounce Switch



3 Step Polling Rate 




Please refer to the table below on the differences between the Competitive Version and the Original Firmware that comes pre-installed. If you prefer the Competitive Firmware,  firmware installation instructions can be found below. However, if after trying the Competitive Version you find the Original Firmware better, you have the option to restore the original firmware by simply reinstalling it. 

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