VAXEE ORYZA full explanation video

Apr, 11 ,2023
For the VAXEE team, ORYZA mouse bungee is a highly anticipated product. While wireless mice are becoming increasingly popular, there are still many friends who use wired mice, and we hope that ORYZA can provide a better gaming experience for these friends.

The second VAXEE ORYZA video will provide a more complete introduction.

ORYZA is expected to be available for purchase on April 15th.

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VAXEE PA M Mouse Pad Adds Winter 21 and Summer 22 Styles

Sep, 22 ,2023
Although the demand is not high, some friends still prefer the PA M size. In order to provide more options for those who like PA M, we are now introducing the Winter 21 version for the first time, and resume the sales of Summer22 version, in addition to t
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VAXEE platform mouse products are gradually introducing blue protective cover for the mouse feet.

Sep, 14 ,2023
We will gradually phase-in blue protective cover for the mouse feet of products on the VAXEE platform, including both wired and wireless mice. This is done to prevent wastage due to damage to the mouse feet during the shipping process...
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26 Winter23 designs showcased as a real mousepad

Sep, 12 ,2023
When producing PA mousepads to be given to 26 creators, we found that some works had more depth on the physical mousepads. We want to present the works to all supporters in the most authentic way possible, while also doing justice to the efforts of all cr
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