Note: XE Wireless Competitive Firmware Update

Apr, 13 ,2023
For friends who have XE Wireless, we understand that it may be inconvenient to manually update the competitive firmware. The best way would be to integrate the original firmware and competitive firmware into the factory firmware, so that everyone is able to experience it right away. However, based on our current test results, the integrated firmware did not meet our standards. We would like to apologize for that, but we will continue to work on it.
Before that, we hope to fix some issues and add some features under the competitive firmware to provide some convenience for friends who are currently using it. The new version of the competitive firmware still needs to be manually downloaded. If the following issues and new features are not a concern for you or you will not use them, there is no need to update as there is no difference in responsiveness, tracking performance and battery life (50 hours) between the previous and current versions.

If you have any problems or uncertainties regarding the update, please contact our customer service. We will inform everyone of any further news on the integrated firmware version as soon as possible.

Issues Fixed:
  1. Battery indicator light may not display when the battery is below 10%.- Fixed
  2. Inability to charge after completely running out of battery without  turning off the power of the mouse and then turning it back on to resume charging.- Fixed
  3. Inability to switch between A and B dongles.- Fixed
Note: If you want to use the A, B dongle switching function, please hold the function key first and then the front and back side buttons. This is to avoid triggering the side button function after switching signals.

Added Functions:
  1. A, B dongle switching indicator lights (after switching, both lights will flash 5 times to indicate successful switching).
  2. Adjustable Lift of Distance.
If you have installed the competitive firmware before, the installation for the new competitive firmware (v2) is the same as before.
Download link:

For friends who have not installed the competitive firmware before, or are not familiar with the installation steps, please refer to the instructional video (Start from 2m10s). 
Firmware update instruction video:

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