VAXEE PA “Summer23” Online Voting Is Open

Apr, 21 ,2023
We have received many creative and high-quality submissions from creators around the world for Summer23. We thank all the participating creators and after reviewing all the entries, we have selected 18 works to enter the second stage of online voting. We encourage everyone to vote and support the dedicated designers.

Below we will announce the selected designs and design concepts for the second stage, and provide a link for online voting. Due to the large number of works, each voter can vote for 2 different works (not the same work). As different people may have different habits and internet environments, there will be two voting locations. We will combine the results from both polling stations and share them with the community.

The final selected works will be announced on the VAXEE platform and community on April 28. We would also like to thank the creators who participated but were not selected. Your participation has encouraged us to continue this event and encouraged friends who are passionate about creation to join. We suggest that everyone read the designers' design concepts before voting.

Online voting period: 09:00 on April 21 to 02:00 on April 28 (UTC) (voting link below).
Voting Link:

Work #1:
Round and endless, full of Zen,
Like the never-ending cycle of nature in summer, where everything is thriving and alive.

Work #2:
Present the beach, ocean, and sunshine of summer in a simple geometric way.

Work #3:
In order to create a vaxee style and my own style, I mainly designed a geometric pattern. It took some time to create a three-dimensional effect, but I am satisfied with the result.

Work #4:
I created this design based on the image of a blue summer sky that came to mind when I associated it with summer.
The underside of the design was inspired by the image of a sandy beach, and I designed it as if the sea and the sky were connected.

Work #5:
I wanted to have something subtle but not boring, that could potentially match the orange and black versions of the wireless XE,
which I own. I also love the symmetry of the vaxee logo, and incorporating that into the gradient was interesting to me.

Work #6:
Add some blended strokes to the solid color mouse pad to feel the alternating hot and cold of indoor and outdoor environments.

Work #7:
In the hot and passionate summer, full of summer elements, rolling water waves also symbolize moving forward, all the way forward. Splashing water and waves represent the passion that splashes out, and everyone should bravely move forward and keep going.

Work #8:
Presenting the fusion of barbarism and modernity in a retro style, inspired by ocean eddies,Rough-scaled bush viper, and colored glass. The dark atmosphere freezes with the waves,and the friction and collision between the power of savage creatures and the turbulence of nature.

Work #9:
Creating an image of carp swimming in a summer stream.

Work #10:
I imagine the scene of fireflies flying around in the forest at night.

Work #11:
Based on shaved ice design, which is a symbol of summer in Japan.

Work #12:
Inspired by refreshing lemonade.

Work #13:
Turn it into a beautiful starry sky, making it feel cool in the hot desert.

Work #14:
The design inspiration comes from apple cider, with a fresh color tone.

Work #15:
This artwork is created based on the image of creamy soda. It gives people a feeling of coolness through the color, even in hot weather.

Work #16:
When I visited an amber exhibition, I was amazed by the ability of amber to preserve life. Inspired by this, I imagined how the symbol of summer, the lotus flower, would look if it was frozen in time by amber. It would be like a summer from many years ago, revealed to us through the passage of time.

Work #17:
Summer is the alternation between heat and coolness, where the endless blue sky and scorching summer sun create a stunning display. It is also a collision of blue and orange colors.

Work #18:
Last summer I was visiting a garden and I remembered seeing this lotus flower blooming so vividly.

Voting Link:

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