Summer23: Additional quotas note and phases voting results

Apr, 26 ,2023
The purpose of the Summer23 creator submission is to encourage passionate creators to focus on their creations and commercialize them through the VAXEE platform, in order to receive substantial feedback and help them go further on the path of creation.

With this in mind, in addition to the top creator's work being selected through online voting as the limited edition PA merchandise for the 3-month period of Summer23, we have decided to add the second and third most voted creators and the VAXEE platform will provide limited production of 1000 and 500 pieces of VAXEE PA merchandise respectively with each sale providing a commission of $1 to the creator (note: 20% income tax deduction is required, and the actual income for each sale is US$0.8).

The addition of more spots not only encourages more creators, but also provides more choices for everyone to support their favorite beautiful designs. Due to our production capacity limitations, we are currently unable to provide more choices and larger quantities, but we will continue to strive to meet everyone's different preferences. For creators who are selected but did not make it to the top three, we will also provide each of them with 2 free PA merchandise of their submitted works to thank them for their participation.

Due to different internet habits and regions, there are two voting points for this online voting. We will add up the votes from both points so that everyone knows the current total votes. Voting will end at 2am on April 28th, and we encourage everyone to take advantage of the last chance to vote for their favorite works.

The Summer23 online submission activity has added the following:
Ø Vote for the top design - Summer23 (to become the three-month limited edition PA product)
Ø Vote for second place - Name to be determined by the creator (limited to 1000 PA products)
Ø Vote for third place - Name to be determined by the creator (limited to 500 PA products)

For each product sold, a commission of US$1 will be provided to the creator (note: 20% income tax will be deducted, and the creator will receive US$0.8 for each sale).

Ø Other finalists - will receive 2 free PA products of their submitted design.

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