Apr, 29 ,2023
Thank you to all the creators from around the world who brought unique and beautiful images to everyone, and thank you to all the friends who participated in the voting. After several days of online voting, Work #17 received a total of 876 votes (12.7%) and was selected as the limited-time product for VAXEE PA Summer23 for a period of three months.

Work #12 received a total of 707 votes (10.2%) and Work #9 received a total of 632 votes (9.1%), ranking second and third, respectively. After confirming the product names with the creators, we will produce limited quantities of 1000 and 500 pieces of VAXEE PA products and sell them on the VAXEE platform.

We will confirm the collaboration agreement with the creators and bring interviews with them to help everyone understand their works further. We also hope that through this collaboration, we can bring more attention to them. We hope that more creators will join us in the future, and our production capacity can be further improved so that friends who support VAXEE can get the creative products they support.

The products are expected to be available for sale in mid-to-late May, and we will continue to update you with further information.


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PA Winter23 seasonal limited products will be discontinued in mid-January

Dec, 29 ,2023
Thank you to many friends for your support of the Winter 23 series. We want to remind everyone interested in the seasonal products that production will cease on January 12th. Supply will be discontinued once inventory is sold out in various regions.
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