VAXEE PA "Lemonade" Creator "Araki Tensugi" Interview

May, 17 ,2023

Creator "Araki Tensugi" accepted a friend's invitation to participate in the Summer23 submission event. His creation, "Lemonade," based on the theme of lemon juice, evokes a refreshing image in the scorching summer. After the second round of online voting, it secured second place with a vote percentage of 10.2%. Now, let's proceed with an interview to learn more about Araki Tensugi and his work, "Lemonade."

1. Please introduce yourself to everyone.
My name is Araki Tensugi.

2. How did you start your creative journey? Is there any story you can share with us?
During my university years, I developed an interest in the creative field due to my rebellious spirit. Now, as an extension of that interest, I have enrolled in an art college to study design.

3. Can you tell us about your creative process for Summer23 and how it feels to have made it to the second stage of online voting?
I participated in the Summer23 competition because my friend (creator of Work #10) invited me to join. We both made it to the second stage of the competition together. I designed with a summer style and considered user preferences. I thought that lemonade would be a great theme to express my favorite colors, so I based my design on that concept. When I saw that so many people liked my design and as a result, I advanced to the second stage of the competition, I felt extremely happy.

4. For friends who enjoy your work, how can they find you?
You can view my past works, sketches, and creative process on my Twitter and Instagram accounts. My name is "Araki Tensugi".

Additionally, here is my portfolio Instagram account:
I will be periodically sharing my creations there.

5. Do you have any final words that you would like to share with everyone?
I would like to express my gratitude to all the people who liked my design and supported me by voting. I also want to thank VAXEE for giving me this opportunity. I am planning to participate again next time, and I am truly thankful.


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