VAXEE PA "Summer23" Creator "PEI_always" Interview

May, 18 ,2023

The last interview in the Summer23 creator submission event features "PEI_always," the top-voted creator with a vote rate of 12.7%. In the interview, PEI_always shares his creative journey and the inspiration behind his creation of Summer23. 

In the end, congratulations to PEI_always for his work standing out among numerous entries and becoming the seasonal limited edition product, VAXEE PA "Summer23".

1. Please introduce yourself to everyone.
Hello, everyone. I'm PEI_always, and I'm delighted to be a part of this interview.

2. How did you start your creative journey? Is there any story you can share with us?
My creative inspiration stems from my observations and understanding of nature and human emotions. I believe that artworks should be able to evoke resonance and emotional connection in viewers. Therefore, my works often strive to express the depths of human emotions and states of being. Additionally, I prefer to incorporate Chinese elements into my creations, allowing more people to see artistic products that belong to Chinese culture.

3. I enjoy using colors, shapes, and lines to convey emotions and states of being. I also experiment with various techniques and materials to create unique effects.
I hope that my works can bring a sense of tranquility and introspection to viewers, as well as stimulate their contemplation and exploration of human emotions and nature. I believe that art can convey strong emotions and thoughts, thus helping us better understand and face the world.

4. Can you tell us about your creative process for Summer23 and how it feels to have made it to the second stage of online voting?
The feeling of summer is typically associated with heat, but the first thing that came to my mind was the refreshing aspect of summer, which is unparalleled. So, I directly used two colors that represented this feeling—orange and blue—and collided them, giving birth to this color scheme. The concept behind the creation is simple, just like the artwork itself, as simplicity can be found within complexity. The collision of orange and blue represents a complete summer, no matter how they intertwine. I felt very happy when entering the second stage.

5. For friends who enjoy your work, how can they find you?
I don't have my own social media accounts except for Douyin, where you can find me under the same name. (douyin: 85542846 [PEI_always])

6. Do you have any final words that you would like to share with everyone?
Opinions on this mouse pad have been mixed, but personally, when the word "summer" comes to mind, it holds a lot of meanings. The idea of "coolness" was indeed my initial thought for a summer-themed mouse pad, but directly portraying coolness seemed somewhat ordinary. Therefore, I decided to combine the Vaxee logo with the Chinese Tai Chi symbol. Tai Chi represents a stable state. The philosophy of Tai Chi is about achieving a balanced and stable state, symbolizing the dynamic equilibrium and mutually beneficial state between things. So, I imagined that when players use this mouse pad on the competition stage, it corresponds to the feeling of heat and a calm mindset—coolness within the heat. Regarding this voting process, I was genuinely surprised because it was a global vote, and many people expressed doubts. However, my thinking is limited, so I hope for understanding. I sincerely thank those who voted for me and supported me, and I'm also sorry that I couldn't fulfill everyone's preferences.


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