Summer23 submissions event mousepad will soon be available for sale.

May, 19 ,2023
Three PA merchandise items that encourage creativity, namely Summer23, Lemonade, and Nusi, have been sent from Taipei to various regions today. Friends who love these styles will be able to purchase them on the VAXEE platform as early as next week. We would like to express our gratitude to the three creators, PEI_always, Araki Tensugi, and KOA, for bringing us unique and beautiful designs.

Before making a purchase, we would like to remind everyone of the following points:

1. All color-version PA products have consistent processes, materials, dimensions, and textures. While the mousepads are consumables, please consider whether your current mousepad is still usable before making a decision. We do not encourage impulsive buying.

2. Due to the surface of PA being dual-layer white fabric, during the heat-sublimation, the ink from the transfer does not completely penetrate the lower layer. As Summer23 has a darker base color, there may be color deviation at the edges after cutting, resulting visually in more noticeable white edges along the borders of Summer23. If you are particularly concerned about color deviation (white edges) at the edges of the mouse pad, it is recommended to consider other PA styles.

3. Summer23 is a limited-time product available for three months. If it sells out, we will restock while maintaining quality. Lemonade and Nusi are limited edition products with 1000 and 500 units respectively, and they will not be restocked once sold out.


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