Queue System Process

Jun, 26 ,2023
Queue System Process:

Once the queue begins, whether you are already inside the website or just entering, you will be directed to the waiting room. When the purchase window opens, the system will randomly draw lots to determine the order in which people can access the website for shopping. Since the purchase order is determined by the random draw, there is no need to enter the waiting room too early.

The waiting room will display your queue number and estimated time. It will also show the current status, such as "The XX color variation of XX product is sold out." If you intend to purchase that specific product, you can save waiting time by considering the next batch of restocks.

For those still in the waiting room, the sequence and estimated entry time will be displayed. If the backend system detects a decrease in traffic or product sell-out, we will immediately allow everyone to enter to prevent excessively long waiting times without being able to make a purchase. Therefore, if the waiting status continues to be displayed, it means that the product may still be available, and we kindly ask for your patience.

*Note: Placing items in the shopping cart without completing the checkout process does not guarantee the reservation of the products. Please proceed to checkout as soon as possible.
If you wish to purchase other products together, we recommend adding them to your shopping cart in advance and checking out together.

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