"The Winter23" finalists and online voting announcement.

Sep, 07 ,2023

The Winter23 submission received works from a total of 42 creators worldwide. After reviewing all the submissions, we have selected 26 works to proceed to the next stage of online voting. This submission round is the largest we've had since the inception of the contest. While some creators didn't make it to the next stage, we sincerely thank all creators for bringing us creative and high-quality works. Your enthusiastic participation encourages us to continue organizing this event.

Below, we will announce the works that have advanced to the online voting stage and provide the link for online voting. Since there are many entries, each voter can cast 2 votes for their favorite works (without repetition). Due to different user habits and online environments, as usual, there will be two voting platforms. We will combine the results from both voting platforms and share them with the community.

The top three voted works will be announced on September 22nd on the VAXEE platform and social media channels. These works will become the Winter 23 VAXEE PA seasonal products and will be available for sale in mid-October.

Message to the finalist creators:
We will be adding some tweaks to certain designs, if necessary, to address production yield concerns, without affecting the main design concept. If you have any other considerations, please feel free to contact us. Additionally, we will be sending a “Designer’s Memo” to your email address. We kindly request that you reply by September 10th. Once we receive your acknowledgement of the "Designer's Memo", we will promptly produce two mousepads as gifts and plan to ship them directly from Taipei to the address you provided on September 13th.

Online voting period: September 8th, 2:00 AM to September 21st, 2:00 AM.
We recommend that everyone take a look at the creators' design concepts before voting.(Voting link at the end of the document)

Work #1

In the winter, I think of the beautiful Arctic starry sky.

Work #2

The design concept name "Phalanx," which translates to "方陣" in Chinese, is an ancient Roman military formation mostly composed of spearmen arranged in orderly rows.

With a black background as the base, angular white blocks outline the distinctive font of "VAXEE," giving it a technological and rugged appearance. The design incorporates a Monogram pattern across the entire area, leaving a void in the center with the VAXEE Logo placed on it, establishing the brand identity.

Work #3

Because it's winter, I used the image of a snowflake to create it!

Work #4

Just like last year, this design incorporates a variety of elements such as blizzards and the Northern Lights. I personally hand-painted it.

Work #5

The design should be similar to patterns from Aztec mythology/history, and I believe some of the color choices are very appropriate. Green is one of my favorite colors, and I've noticed there are few green gaming peripherals.

My inspiration comes from patterns in Central American cultures, such as those found in Aztec art. The background is an adjusted color version of a mousepad Vaxee previously released, featuring green, similar to the Aztec emblem from "Age of Empires II." I also find Central American mythology very intriguing and drew inspiration from various murals/sculptures, such as Xolotl's murals, and there are also some gods from that region in the game Smite.

Work #6

I want to capture the unique crystalline texture while showcasing colors exclusive to VAXEE.

Work #7

This design is inspired by the friends who help us in our everyday lives. If you flip the surface over, you might see their smiles! The ink-like appearance may symbolize the traces left behind by powerful impacts, leaving room for interpretation and adding depth to the design.

Work #8

Wintry cold imagery.


Work #9

It's created with a motif of a sipping AIM figure and snake patterns.

Work #10


Scattered with exciting decals, enjoy the fun of gaming to the fullest!

Work #11


Shooting is inseparable from the crosshair, and the design is centered around the crosshair to help players achieve their own goals (Aim).

Work #12


Starry sky under the moonlight.

Work #13


The design inspiration is drawn from the lines and shapes of the logo, merging the colors of winter snow-capped mountains, the sky, and the ocean, along with the soft elements of flowers. Through the interplay of lines and irregular arrangements, combined with the colors of winter, we create a design that is rich in layers and emotions.

The interweaving and irregular placement of lines are directly inspired by the logo graphic. The lines intersect like the contours of mountains and the undulations of waves, radiating the vitality of life. Floral elements adorn the design, adding a touch of warmth to the overall look. Users will also be constantly moving over these flowers while using the mouse, as if chasing the light of hope in the winter.

Through these design concepts, I hope to evoke people's appreciation for the beauty of nature while conveying emotions of warmth, vitality, and hope.

Work #14


Winter is the season I long for the most in my heart. When the sudden cold air envelops the earth, I can't help but look forward to the beautiful, snow-covered landscapes. The chilly wind howls, and snowflakes dance, clothing the land in a pristine white coat. I enjoy walking on the soft snow, feeling its icy touch. In the evenings of winter, the sky is filled with twinkling stars, as if decorating the Milky Way with the pure white snow. Winter, to me, is warmth and joy in my heart, and I yearn for its arrival. I hope you all enjoy it!

Work #15


Still, it's the classic color scheme, but this time created freely, with elements of the universe, DNA, and neurons constantly intertwining, allowing for a unique liberation of the hand.

Work #16


Creating the image of the "Misfit Fish." In Japanese, it means "out of place," as other fish look at the lonely pink misfit fish with strange eyes. But isn't the pink misfit fish the most beautiful?

Work #17


The cold of winter and the warm glow peeking over the mountain's peak.

Work #18


I designed this product based on the concept of the human hand. The reason behind this concept is that when I think of something related to a mousepad, I think of the hand. We've incorporated elements like pigments to create a design that has a handmade feel to it.

Work #19


The ever-changing winter and the Hometown of Glitter in my mind.

Work #20


Various thoughts and imaginings that arise in my mind while working on a PC spill out, overlap, and bloom among numerous flowers.

Work #21


I simply wanted a snowy forest theme, nothing more.

Work #22


In this design, we will explore a unique visual world that blends the erosive quality of planets with humanity's aspirations for the future of technology. The design aims to present a distinctive science fiction atmosphere, allowing the audience to feel the infinite possibilities of space exploration and technological innovation.

Color choice: The black and white color scheme is a prominent feature of this design. Black represents the vastness of the universe, while the golden dots symbolize the hopeful brilliance of future smart technology. This extreme contrast creates a cool and futuristic atmosphere while emphasizing the composure and efficiency of future technology.

In the not-so-distant future, humanity's dream of migrating to different planets will eventually be realized. This design symbolizes the future of humanity, showcasing our desire for sustainability and the unknown opportunities that lie ahead. Dreams begin with the first step and are boundless.

Work #23


I love cats, and I hope everyone else does too. I hope that cats can live up to the reputation of being "Otaku Happy Beasts".

Work #24


Amidst the layers, let's gather some mischievous spirits for a lively scene.

Work #25

I wanted to draw marine creatures, so I did. I have a particular fondness for jellyfish.

Work #26


Beautiful and trendy! This isn't VAXEE's usual design, but I really hope VAXEE can release a mousepad like this! "Our goal is to create a mousepad that's different from VAXEE's typical designs, but I'd love to see VAXEE release one like this. This time, we have the freedom to choose the theme, so we're enjoying the challenge of putting the adorable, trendy girl at the forefront!"

Voting linkhttps://forms.gle/DNZs8Gz4ghHPwuZh8

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