VOTING RESULTS - “Winter23” Design Submission

Sep, 22 ,2023
Since Winter23 did not specify a particular style, we received high-quality submissions in various styles. This time, the voting rate was the highest ever, and we want to thank everyone for their participation. Your involvement has encouraged many creators. For those who didn't make it to the final round, thank you for your contributions, which have added more beauty to the world and inspired more people to join the creative community. VAXEE will continue to host events that encourage creativity.

The top 3 creators in the final vote will have their designs featured on PA Mousepads and become seasonal limited-edition products for Winter 23, available for purchase in mid-October. We will provide further updates on the exact release date.

Work #26:
Votes: 4,225, Vote Percentage: 21%
Title: Pcute

Work #6:
Votes: 1,551, Vote Percentage: 7.7%
Title: PRIZM

Work #23:
Votes: 1,459, Vote Percentage: 7.3%
Title: Eggie

We discovered that producing mousepads with an all-white background design resulted in a high rate of defects when printing. Therefore, after discussing with the creators, we decided to make a change to the design. The main subject (the cat) remains unchanged, but we have modified the background from all white to light gray and added some linear patterns. This design variation may differ slightly from the original artwork. For those interested, please consider these changes before making a purchase decision.

Next, we will confirm collaboration agreements with the creators. Once confirmed, we will conduct interviews with the creators to provide everyone with a deeper understanding of their work. We hope that through this collaboration, we can bring more attention to them.


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