VAXEE PA “PRIZM” Creator “Seo Jihan” Interview

Oct, 03 ,2023

1. Please introduce yourself first.
Hello, everyone! My name is Seo Jihan.

2. When did you start creating? Do you have any special stories to share with us?
During my school days, I was quite distant from the world of creativity. I was just an ordinary student who enjoyed playing and having fun with my classmates. However, it was a design project commissioned by an acquaintance that sparked my interest in creative work.

I believe that creativity isn't just about creating beautiful or unique designs that others like. What's important is the meaning embedded in the creative work and how you can explain that meaning to others.

3. Please share the creative inspiration and process behind your Winter23 submission.
To begin with, in the search for VAXEE's unique sense of color, I explored various design patterns. VAXEE's aesthetics are distinct from other mousepads, possessing a unique sensibility and color palette. Therefore, I focused on highlighting these qualities in my creation.

The artwork "PRIZM" resembles a prism refracting light into various colors. It doesn't have a single meaning but rather encompasses multiple interpretations. The design was crafted to convey this notion of multiplicity in meaning.

4. For friends who enjoy your work, how can they find you?
I don't have public social media accounts, but I livestream on the Afreecatv platform under the name "徐智韓(서지한)." You can find my livestreams at this link:

5. Is there anything else you would like to say to everyone?
As someone who loves gaming and has a keen interest in gaming peripherals, I am currently using VAXEE's mousepad and mouse. During this time, when I heard about VAXEE's design contest, I felt inspired to create a mousepad that reflects VAXEE's sensibilities and make it my own. So, this design contest holds great significance for me.


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