OUTSET AX Wireless Product Video and Pre-order Information

Oct, 27 ,2023

OUTSET AX features an ergonomic design suitable for a slanted grip, with a compact and full palm-filling shape that provides a stable and easy-to-control feel. Since the release of the wired version, it has gained favor with some users, and now a wireless version is introduced. In addition to providing detailed explanation videos, several key points are summarized for everyone's reference.

  • The wired and wireless versions of OUTSET AX have the same design.

  • They will have future support for 2K and 4K receivers (explained in the video).

  • The wireless version has the same switch as the wired version, but the key feel is slightly different (demonstrated in the video).

  • The wired version of OUTSET AX weighs 76g, while the wireless version weighs 73-74g (slightly different depending on the color).

  • The available color options have increased from the original 3 to 6, including orange, blue, black, white, yellow, and pink.

OUTSET AX, when paired with VAXEE wireless technology, continues to offer different tracking mode options, including standard, competitive, and Motion Sync (factory default is competitive mode). Since the wireless architecture is similar to the previous version, for those who want to learn more about VAXEE wireless technology, you can refer to the previously released video for ZYGEN NP-01S. (Link at the end of the news.)

Because the quality control process for wireless is more complex, the initial batch of sales cannot provide all color options in stock at once. To avoid customers repeatedly queuing on the website, the initial batch will be sold through pre-orders, with a clear delivery schedule. Interested customers can refer to the following information.


Pre-order information:

Date: October 30, 2023 (Monday)

Time: 18:00 (GMT+1)

Product Page: https://eu.vaxee.co/product.php?cid=1#43

(During the pre-order period, a queuing system will be in place to ensure a smooth online shopping experience)

OUTSET AX Wireless will have different shipping dates for the 6 color options:

Orange: Shipping on November 1
Blue: Shipping on November 3
Black: Shipping on November 9
Pink: Shipping on November 9
White: Shipping on November 14
Yellow: Shipping on November 14

Shipping dates will be synchronized and updated on the product page. If you have any questions or issues regarding your orders and shipping, please contact our customer service.

For those who wish to understand VAXEE's wireless technology, please refer to the video on ZYGEN NP-01S Wireless:


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