OUTSET AX Wireless firmware update: Name display error in wired mode

Nov, 07 ,2023

After connecting the OUTSET AX Wireless in wired mode, the device name displayed on the computer shows as "ZYGEN NP-01S Mouse." Therefore, we have rectified the name display issue, and the name displayed after being connected in wired mode will now be unified as "VAXEE Wired."

Changing the name only involves a display difference and does not affect usage. If you're not particularly concerned about the incorrect device name display in the wired mode of OUTSET AX Wireless, there's no need to update this firmware version. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by our oversight.

Firmware Description for ZYGEN NP-01S Wireless / OUTSET AX Wireless (v4) 23.11.07:

  1. Resolves the issue of incorrect device name display in wired mode for OUTSET AX Wireless.

Download and Install: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1d0jQRKsbQLVfAz5YJUv25B-T42OUU4Fs/view?usp=sharing

Installation Video Guide: https://eu.vaxee.co/feature.php?c=FW_Teach_NPS

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