VAXEE launches the VXD02 (4K) receiver and ZYGEN NP-01 Wireless 4K

Jan, 31 ,2024
The development pace of VAXEE's 4K wireless technology is relatively slow because we want friends who have already purchased a wireless mouse on the VAXEE platform to be able to upgrade by simply purchasing the 4K receiver. If we didn't consider this, we could have launched earlier. However, we still insist on reaching our goals. Therefore, friends with XE, NP-01S, and AX Wireless mice can upgrade to 4K or 2K by purchasing the VXD02 receiver separately and downloading the firmware update.

At the same time, to live up to the expectations of our supporters, we conducted repeated tests. We do not want to release products with issues that could affect everyone's gaming performance, especially considering the large data transmission volume in 4K. During the process, interference can easily impact data transmission, leading to inconsistent tracking speeds and affecting operations. Therefore, our development philosophy is to provide better real-time use while still ensuring stability. If you are interested in how we ultimately achieved this goal, you can watch the introduction video.

The NP-01 mouse is the first mouse launched on the VAXEE platform and was created by ZYGEN founder Junya 'noppo' Taniguchi. We are very grateful to friends who purchased the NP-01 mouse from the beginning. Therefore, in addition to the standard 4K polling rate, we have made slight adjustments to the appearance of the NP-01 Wireless with the aim of providing a more comfortable operation. For details on the adjustments, please refer to the video.

In the future, all wireless mice produced by VAXEE will come equipped with the 4K receiver. This includes not only the newly launched NP-01 but also other wireless models. Additionally, considering that some friends may have purchased a wireless mouse recently and might hesitate to spend extra money to upgrade to the 4K receiver, we are offering a special promotion:

For friends who purchased a wireless mouse and would like to additionally purchase the 4K receiver VXD02, we are offering a discount.
VXD02 4K Receiver: 
Purchase Price before March 31, 2024: 
23.5 €

Purchase Price from April 1, 2024, onwards:
28.5 €

Due to the completion of product verification nearing the Chinese New Year, the factory can provide only a limited quantity before the holiday break. Additionally, we are uncertain about the demand for upgrades. Therefore, we have reserved a certain quantity, and there might be situations of shortages. If the product is out of stock, please contact our customer service, and we will register and reserve it for you. Also, this offer will be available until the end of March.

We understand that this approach may not cater to everyone, but we hope to do more within our capabilities for friends who have supported us.


Sales Information
The products are available for pre-order and were air-shipped to various regions before January 31st. Due to uncertain customs clearance times, we expect to start shipping gradually after February 5th. If the products arrive earlier or experience delays, updates will be provided on our social media channels to keep everyone informed.
Time: February 1, 2024, 18:00

To prevent overcrowding and ensure a smooth shopping experience, a queue system will be implemented for the launch of new products.

VXD02 (4K) Receiver

Compatible with wireless mice including: XE, NP-01S, AX. After purchase, download the 4K firmware update, complete the pairing process to upgrade to 4K and 2K polling rates. Cannot be switched for use with 1K receivers. If you have a need to switch between two computers, please do not purchase.

(For those who purchase a wireless mouse from January 1st to February 1st, 2024, within one month, please refer to below instructions for special link.)

If you are interested in upgrading, please contact our customer service. We will bind it to your VAXEE registered account and provide a special link.

The purchase window is also on February 1st, 2024, at 18:00. Please be sure to 'click on the special link' to make the purchase at the discounted price.

Friends who are interested in upgrading, please contact us in advance. Since binding accounts takes time, to avoid rushing before the official sale and being unable to provide special links that may impact shopping, we recommend binding your account at least 1 hour before the official sale, i.e., before 17:00 on February 1st, to ensure a smooth shopping experience.

After entering the queue system, you may need to wait to proceed with the purchase. If there is a shortage of stock, there is no need to worry, as the discounted link will be available until the end of March.

Product Link:

All 4K models are available in 6 color options: black, white, yellow, pink, blue, and orange. The link is represented with the black version, and you can choose other color options as needed.

ZYGEN NP-01 Wireless 4K
Product Link:

ZYGEN NP-01S Wireless 4K
Product Link:

OUTSET AX Wireless 4K
Product Link:

VAXEE XE Wireless 4K
Product Link:


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