Apr, 24 ,2024

1. Please introduce yourself first.

Hello everyone, I'm Yan5Sheep. I love playing VALORANT and PUBG. This is my first time participating in submissions, and I'm thrilled to receive everyone's support.


2. When did you start creating? Do you have any special stories to share with us?

I first learned about VAXEE because I play PUBG, and I really admire MMing from the NewHappy team.
At that time, the whole team was using VAXEE products, so I started to learn about and purchase products from this brand. Later, when I started playing VALORANT, Aspas, whom I admire, also frequently used VAXEE.
I first learned about the opportunity to create submissions during Winter23, but by the time I found out, the voting had already begun.
At that moment, I decided that I must participate next time. It's also a kind of fan's wish for me.
I want to see my favorite professional players using the mousepad I designed to perform to their fullest on the battlefield.


3.  Please share the creative inspiration and process behind your Summer24 submission.

"Under the vast sky, the myriad transformations of the Tai Chi endure eternally." Before conceptualizing Vast, I felt that the landscape of frozen lakes perfectly captured the expansive and boundless feeling I desired, vast and endless. Moreover, the collision between the two elements resembled the unification of Yin and Yang in the primordial chaos. Therefore, I combined the concept of Tai Chi from Chinese culture with the landscape of frozen lakes. Fortunately, the final result turned out well..


4. For friends who enjoy your work, how can they find you?

My Weibo, Bilibili, and Twitter usernames are all Yan5Sheep. I also share some daily updates on these platforms.





5. Is there anything else you would like to say to everyone?

I'm very grateful to VAXEE for providing me with this opportunity. The day the voting results came out happened to be my birthday, making it the best birthday gift I've ever received. Recently, I've also received some encouraging messages from friends, and I thank you all for your love and support. Lastly, I want to thank my girlfriend for providing me with many suggestions for this submission, allowing me to present my wild imagination in a better form.

With this submission about my story coming to an end, I'll continue to participate in the next Winter24. I hope to bring even more surprises, perfection, and maturity to everyone. Until next time, thank you all, thank you VAXEE, and please continue to support VAXEE!!!

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