VAXEE XE-S Wireless 2nd Batch Pre-order Notification

Jun, 13 ,2024

The VAXEE XE-S Wireless mouse has been out of stock for a while. To ensure quality, we will complete the second round of full inspections next week and ship the products from our Taipei office to various regions. Therefore, we will open pre-orders on June 14 at 18:00. Those who are interested can confirm their orders in advance, and we will arrange shipments according to the order sequence upon arrival to reduce waiting time. 

Due to varying shipping times for different colors, those who have specific color preferences should check the shipping information before deciding whether to pre-order. Thank you again for your patience.


Expected Shipping Date:
Orange (Currently in-stock)
White, Pink, Yellow, Black, Blue: June 26
*We will provide real-time updates on the shipping status. If there are any changes, whether the shipment is earlier or delayed, we will inform everyone promptly.
Pre-order Date: June 14, 2024 (Friday)
Time: 18:00 GMT
Pre-order Link:

Note: Some colors of the XE-S Wireless are still available in limited stock. If the in-stock items sell out, we will convert the purchase link to a pre-order link.


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