Vote - Decide the order of colours for our mice launch.

Dec, 27 ,2021
After the launch of our Winter21 pad, we learned that everyone has varied preferences when it comes to design. We also received feedback that there is high demand for products that color-match on their desktop. VAXEE at its core is an ecommerce platform that provides practical, high-quality products and a high-level of service. We will continue to try our best to provide customers with the products they need and with this in mind, we have decided to launch a full coated mouse in various colors. 

After each shipment arrives from the factory, every mouse is hand-inspected by the VAXEE team. This is a labor intensive process and combined with a limited production capacity, we will not be able to launch all colors at the same time. This is why we are putting the production order to a vote. We want all our friends to vote for the color they most want and based on the results we can then announce the order in which these colors will be produced. This way you can avoid buying a color you don’t want and allows us to ensure the quality of each product.  

Mouse models and color scheme:

OUTSET AX: Yellow (No voting  - Launch date to be announced)
ZYGEN NP-01: White, Yellow, Pink
ZYGEN NP-01S: White, Yellow, Pink

Please leave us a message and include your preferred mouse model and the 1 color scheme you want it in. 
We will announce the order of production as soon as possible.

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2021-12-27 04:50
NP01 pink. and OUTSET AX pink maybe later. love u guys <3
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2021-12-27 07:06
NP-01S in pink :o
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2021-12-27 08:54
All white everything please!
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2021-12-27 12:57
Np01s in pink!!
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2021-12-27 13:40
OUTSET AX in yellow please.
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2021-12-27 15:03
I also think that many would like to see transparent options, personally I would definitely be delighted. Or a vintage cream one, as I use the keyboard in the classic 90s color scheme
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2021-12-28 01:06
Outset yellow!
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2021-12-29 08:58
Finally, I can't wait, been waiting after seeing zywoo mouse ??
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2021-12-30 05:45
pink looks sexy
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2021-12-30 14:30
cant wait for the AX in yellow, launch date cant come soon enough!
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