Feb, 28 ,2022

Thank you all for the support, we are truly grateful. The demand for the Pink NP-01 series has been very encouraging and many regions are currently out of stock. We will continue to work on production for this series while making sure to maintain the same level of quality.

We have recently completed the full inspection and testing of the Yellow NP-01 Series and hope that those interested in it will be able to receive their products soon.  There are many friends out there waiting for a restock of the white and pink NP-01 series as well as the white and yellow AX series. We aim to have all these products ready by the end of March. The exact time and date will be announced separately.  

Once again, from the entire team at VAXEE, we thank you for your support.

Yellow "NP-01" and "NP-01S" pre-order information:

Pre-Order: March 2, 18:00 
Estimated shipping time: 3/7  
(If there are changes due to logistics, we will update everyone in real-time.)

Friends looking to purchase the VAXEE PA “Y22” can also save on shipping by ordering it together with any pre-order mouse. We will ship it together when all items are available. Also, for those of you that have been asking or are interested in customized versions of the “Y22” and “P22”, we will be offering them in the future. We kindly ask for your patience.

ZYGEN NP-01 Yellow pre-order link:
ZYGEN NP-01S Yellow pre-order link:
VAXEE PA “Y22” link:


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