VAXEE Launches Composite Base "PB" Mouse Pad

Mar, 15 ,2022
When we first launched the VAXEE PA mousepad, we mentioned that we were experiencing delays in the development of our new mouse pad. We have finally overcome those delays and the result is the VAXEE PB Black mouse pad that we are excited to introduce today.

The VAXEE PB Black adds silicone to the original base material of the PA. This combination provides users a different usage experience while still maintaining smoothness.

There are 5 different areas to take note of :
1. Since the launch of the PA, we have been receiving messages from friends, hoping that we would launch thicker pads. Simply thickening the original PA base would have resulted in it being too soft and would cause the mouse pad to depress very deeply when a user presses down on their mouse to shoot. The design of the PB Black mouse pad allows us to reduce such a depression, even with a thicker base. The comfort has also been greatly improved.

2. Easier to flatten after it is unrolled. Whether it is a newly purchased mouse pad or a mouse pad that has been used for some time, the rolling and unrolling of a pad often troubles users. This is especially true for thicker mouse pads as the thickness makes it even harder to flatten. The VAXEE team also faced such issues and we are glad to say that the design structure of the PB Black mouse pad allows it to be quickly and easily laid out after it is reverse-rolled.

3. We designed the PB Black mousepad to be shipped in flat packaging. This way users can use it right out of the box without needing to unroll it.

4. The base of the PB Black is designed with more pores giving it a stronger grip compared to other silicon-base mouse pads on the market. This allows users to still experience an excellent level of grip even during vigorous movements.

5. Although the PB Black and PA use the same cloth surface, the PB Black does not use heat sublimation. This means that there is less glide and more control than the PA. For those who prefer a surface without heat sublimation or feel that the PA is too slippery, the PB Black can provide you with a different experience.

The production process of the PB Black mousepad is more complicated, costly and has a limited production capacity. If you already have the PA and the differences found in the PB are not important to you, we recommend you continue to use the PA. At the same time, we are currently developing a PB series that has the same smoothness as the current PA. We hope to launch this as soon as possible.

Features of the VAXEE PB Black:
・100% fully flat composite base
・Thickness is 4.5 mm (±0.2mm) / (PA is 3.5mm)
・Overcomes the problem of thick bases not flattening easily after unrolling
・No heat sublimation on the surface, providing a stable control feel
・Silicone base material with multiple pores, designed to increase grip

VAXEE PB Order Information:
Price: EUR€58.99
Start of Sales: March 22, 2022 18:00
(If there are changes due to logistics, we will update everyone in real-time.)
Shipment date: Immediately after order is confirmed.
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