VAXEE PB, Color Series Mice and Winter 21 Update

Mar, 24 ,2022


We would like to update everyone about the recent stock issues we’ve been facing. In many regions where we started sales of the VAXEE PB, we sold out on the same day. The more complicated and labor intensive production of the PB means it comes at a higher cost. While we were confident that the PB greatly improves on our previous design in both detail and feel, we were not sure how well a product at this price point would be accepted. At the same time, we did not want to simply increase production capacity by simplifying the production since this would affect quality. We were not able to keep up with the demand and for that we are truly sorry. 

After the first batch of PB, we have continued to raise the quality control standards of the silicone-rubber base in order to maintain quality while reducing the rate of defects. This allows us to produce more pads at a faster rate without compromising on quality. In addition to other processes, we estimate that each batch of PB mousepads will take 2 months to produce. We understand that there is an immediate demand for the PB in certain areas and therefore we will carry out a small scale production using whatever materials we have left and provide them as soon as we can. We are working on restocking but it may take until May to fully restock our inventory.

Color Series Mice
We also have an update on the color series mice. The white and pink NP-01 series and yellow, white (Funspark) AX fully-coated mice were previously out of stock due to the severe pandemic situation. That has been resolved and new stock has arrived at our headquarters. After performing full inspections we expect to have them available again in early April.


Winter 21
For a platform like ours that currently only has 2 main types of products, the lack of inventory impacts us greatly and more importantly to us, it is an inconvenience for our friends who want our products. The demand for the VAXEE PA “Winter 21” is a good example. It is still in high demand but because it is a seasonal product, it has been discontinued. This forces customers to look to the 2nd hand market where they end up paying a much higher price. We don’t want our friends from around the world to have to do this and so before the materials for the PB arrive, we will spend some time producing a small batch of Winter 21 mousepads that will be available through pre-order. We expect this pre-order to start in early April.


Keyboard Collaboration
In a few days, we will share news of the VAXEE version of a keyboard we are launching in collaboration with another brand.

In just over a year, VAXEE has received the support of so many friends. We will always keep in mind that this support we’ve received is because of the quality of our products and even if we have stock issues, we will continue to insist on the same standards and not lower our standards of quality for the sake of more sales. We believe that those of you who support us will agree with this as well. Thank you all for your support, trust and encouraging words. We are very grateful. 

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