The "VAXEE XE" mouse for play and work

Aug, 01 ,2022

Some members of VAXEE have backgrounds as competitive and professional players and because of this we used to develop professional esports products. As we grew older, we had to devote more time to work and other areas of life. With the ideal high quality products that are in compliance with our standards of esports, we hope to develop products that improve efficiency in the work space. The VAXEE XE series is designed based on this concept.
Therefore, although the overall architecture of the XE mouse still does not require drivers, it is very different from the professional gaming-oriented mice of ZYGEN and OUTSET. The differences include:

1. Added "function keys" that can improve convenience during work and general use. In Windows, you can switch between 3 functions without drivers. This includes:

Acting as the “Page Down” key
Quickly capturing, screenshots of selected areas
Calling out your Emoji collection and making a selection.

2. We took into consideration that scroll wheels used more for work need a smoother and less noisy structure which is why we have changed the original optical scroll wheel to a mechanical scroll wheel. Please note that optical encoders are still structurally superior to mechanical encoders. After much testing, we have chosen a durable and reliable mechanical encoder brand.

3. Due to the lighter feel of the XE's structure, we changed the switches from the original 60g to 70g and added the option of 3ms key response speed. This helps to maintain a good click feel while preventing possible accidental touches due to the structural changes.
4. The stiffness of the wire remains unchanged, and while it still meets our standards of durability and compliance with safety inspections, we have made it easily replaceable as a detachable Type C slot. With this, we can avoid the inconvenience of waiting for cable repairs to be shipped.
5. We considered that the mouse would be used more for work than gaming and have reduced the weight from the original 70-80g, to 67g. This is the lowest we can go while still ensuring our standards of quality.

Symmetrical shapes have always been mainstream and because of this there are already many excellent symmetrical shapes available. We developed the XE shape concept to provide a grip that the market has not yet achieved. Combining our past development experience with a focus on comfort, the back of the XE is designed to be easily enveloped by the palm. This allows you to use less force during left, right, forward, rear, and lifting movements which helps provide a more relaxed and comfortable feel. We have prepared a video of the XE for you. Please take a look for a more detailed introduction.

VAXEE XE Order Information:
Price: EUR€72.99
Start of Sales: Aug 4th, 18:00 GMT

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