Encourage Creativity - Summer23 Design Submission

Apr, 07 ,2023

We are happy to announce that the online submission for Summer23 will begin soon. Winter22, which started in the last quarter of 2022, was the first collaboration between the VAXEE platform and creators. Through the VAXEE PA mouse pad products, more people were able to get to know Kairo's works and purchase them. This provided a small commission of support and encouragement for passionate creators to continue creating. VAXEE will continue, within our means, to promote meaningful activities such as this. We look forward to having more passionate creators add unique and beautiful images to the world.

The selection process for this submission is roughly the same as the previous Winter submission. We encourage both creators who have submitted their work in the past and new creators to submit their work. The selection for Summer23 will be divided into two stages. In the first stage, in order to reduce uncontrollable factors and maintain quality, the VAXEE global team will select six or more works (depending on the quality of the submissions) to proceed to the second stage.

In the second stage, online voting will be opened, and the work with the highest number of votes will become the seasonal limited-time product for Summer23, which will be launched and sold on VAXEE. For each Summer23 piece sold, we will provide a commission of $1 to the creator (Note: 20% of the income tax will be withheld, and the actual amount received per sale will be US$0.8).

We will now provide a detailed explanation of the submission process for creators. For friends who want to vote, we will provide a voting link on the VAXEE community on April 21st, 2023. Please vote for your favorite style to support and encourage creators.

First Stage:
We understand the effort put into each creation. Due to practical production considerations, we hope that creators can read the Design Draft Specifications carefully to avoid submitting works that cannot be mass-produced.

Submission Period: From April 7th, 02:00 to April 21st, 02:00 (UTC)
Design Draft Specifications and Work Upload Link: https://eu.vaxee.co/feature.php?c=Mousepad_callforpape
Note: VAXEE judges purely based on the quality of the works submitted and will select six or more works depending on the quality of the submissions.

Second Stage:
Online Voting: From April 21st, 02:00 to April 28th, 02:00 (UTC)
Result Announcement: April 29th, 2023 (1 highest vote)
Summer23 is expected to be launched in mid-May.

Explanation of Summer23 Creator's Revenue:

For every Summer23 mousepad sold, a commission of $1 will be provided to the creator (20% income tax will be deducted, with a net profit of US$0.8 per sale). After signing the contract, both parties will be notified via email of the previous month's sales figures at the beginning of each month. After the creator confirms the figures, the payment will be made in US dollars to the designated account specified in the contract, and the withholding tax certificate will be attached in the email.

Note: The purpose of this contest is to encourage creators. If too much dispute arises that goes against our philosophy of encouraging creators, we reserve the right to cancel this event.

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